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About the Bread ...

The Artisan Bakery and Cafe Company was originally created in 2001 by RAY PAGET in the USA, in a City near New Orleans; a Cultural Region of fine French & Cajun Foods, Spices and Breads. 


Ray studied and lived in Europe for many years and also attended French cooking school for fine French Artisan breads in Arles, France to help him Develop and Create more Healthy Sandwiches which Ray originally described as being Euro-Asian Sandwiches which he later coined as being a "Vietwich" derived from "Vietnamese Sandwich" which he stated is one of the most healthy sandwiches he has found.


Since his return to the Americas, he had had visions to
re-open and develop Artisan Bakery & Sandwich Shoppes globally, however he had not envisioned that his Artisan Bread baking dreams would end up developing in SE Asia, primarily in Thailand or Vietnam starting in 2006.


Thailand being the starting point, Ray felt that it would be
good to start there in due to the fact that Vietnam has a strong influence of French Culture, especially breads and desserts & he would continue to pursue the development
of his Euro-Asian Fusion food-line starting with the Banh
Mi Vietnamese Sandwich, originally created in Saigon, Vietnam.


Ray had strong hopes that this approach for creating healthy Artisan Styled foods would gain strength in Indochina and around the region and thus would expand
o other Western Cultures.


Ray continues to create healthy breads, Euro-Asian "Vietwich" or Vietnamese Sandwiches, Signature Dishes,  Western Cup Cakes and Traditional Asian Desserts.

About the Desserts ...

Our Signature Cup-Cake Desserts were orginally created by Helena and Lara, who both launched their stylish boutique cupcake shop in Saigon in November of 2011, named The CakeWalk, which tantalized the tastebuds of their fellow Saigoners for over almost 2 years.


Through an arrangement with Helena, the Artisan Bread Company has acquired Helena's brand and cup cake baking techniques to keep it as it was, Excellent !


When you bite into one of these scrumptious freshly-baked cupcakes, you will know that it has been made using the highest quality ingredients to ensure that each mouthful will have you wanting more.


With a naturalsense of adventure and fun, we are continuing to whip-up these creative cupcakes as-well-as offering all of their traditional familiar flavours for you to enjoy.

Helena, the former owner of CakeWalk has remained as counsel with the Artisan Bread Company to make sure we maintain the highest quality of standard she and Laura originally started.

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